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Minion - Comic Book Series

Chapter 1 Part 2

26 Pages

Written by: Mason Mendoza and Christopher Reda

Illustrated by: Leandro Rizzo

Lettered by: Travis Lanham


In the not-too-distant future, the fate of New manhattan hangs in a delicate balance between long-time, legendary superhero, Captain Cool, and a new underground crime syndicate threatening to take over the city. Forces of good and evil interwine in this futuristic society where scientific innovation has created super individuals, but even they are still subject to corrupt politicians and a culture where the wealth gap between rich and poor will leave an everyday citizens starving.


New recruit Double Zero joins a team of minions who have been put to the demanding task of collecting parts of a doomsday device capable of defeating Captain Cool. Follow him and his misfit crew as they travel the world filled with futuristic cities and navigate the treacherous dirty work of being an underling for a supervillain in the shadows.

Minion Chapter 1 Part 2

Expect to Arrive Early 2025
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