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Critical Entertainment LLC

Critical Entertainment is a Los Angeles based publishing company primarily operating in the comic book and graphic novel industry. Our mission is to create innovative content that compels our audience to read with purpose and thought. We believe in producing stories that are engaging on a reflective and intellectual level; drawing desire from customers who want products that are original, diverse, and creative. With Hollywood actively seeking new comic book properties, we seek to adapt our inspirational stories into film, television, and animation.


The key to our success is in the development of a strong relationship with our artists, writers, illustrators, colorists, letterists, and other talent; driven first and foremost by fair and respectable pay. Our artists are allowed additional time and given the freedom to create the highest level of illustration. We aim to build a reputation of taking care of our artists and nurturing their talent. We also cherish the time, effort, and artistic perspective of our talent thus fostering a quality-driven collaboration.


Critical Entertainment is comprised of two publishers, Christopher Reda and Mason Mendoza. Christopher Reda is a talented writer who has published several comic books (Zombie Zero, The Cowboy with Many Hats) and exhibits at Comic Con International, WonderCon, Los Angeles Comic Con, and Long Beach Comic Con. He boasts a passion for creative writing including skills in comic book editing and graphic design. Mason Mendoza is a publisher that specializes in business operations, technical expertise, and salesmanship. He wishes to produce stories that improve the world and inspire others.

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