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LOS ANGELES - April 8, 2024 – ALL our first comics through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld are SOLD OUT! If you are experiencing back-orders or having trouble finding our comic books at your local comic book store, that is because Diamond is out of stock! We will be offering these titles again through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld Catalog in the coming months for those of you who missed out on our successful debut! Retailers and Customers will be able to order these books again so please stay tuned for more updates.

LOS ANGELES - November 25th, 2023 – The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, is pleased to announce our Early 2024 Lineup! We are debuting the new year with the original comic books Life is an Open Door, Planetary Expansion Issues 2 & 3, and The First Americans Issue 1! They will be featured in the #423 December & #424 January PREVIEWSworld Catalog.

LOS ANGELES - August 15th, 2023 – The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, has officially partnered up with Diamond Comic Distributors to be their comic book store distributors! Critical Entertainment's first comics books will be available for pre-order in the #420 PREVIEWSworld September Catalog!

LOS ANGELES - November 9, 2021 – The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, will be officially releasing the comic books Prisoners of the Ghostland featuring Nicolas Cage and Minion at the Los Angeles Comic Con Booth #1220 and Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con Booth #2106 December 2-5, 2021.

LOS ANGELES - June 26, 2019 – The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, will be officially releasing two brand-new graphic novels at San Diego Comic-Con. Author and publisher Christopher Reda and publisher Mason Mendoza created Critical Entertainment in 2017, and have since released four comic book series with a fifth slated for 2020.

LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In advance of its publishing debut at San Diego Comic-Con, authors and publishers Christopher Reda and Mason Mendoza today announced the launch of Critical Entertainment LLC, a Los Angeles-based publishing company specializing in comic books and graphic novels.

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Bleeding Cool - Critical Entertainmet Bring Their Planetary Expansion to Diamond
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