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Publishers & Writers of Critical Entertainment

Christopher Reda

Christopher Reda is a Comic Book and Graphic Novel writer looking to create successful stories in the entertainment industry. A graduate of the Cinema and Television Arts program at California State University Northridge, he aims in producing stories that are engaging on a reflective and intellectual level; drawing desire from customers who want products that are original, diverse, and creative.

Living in Los Angeles, California, Christopher publishes his graphic novels and comics through Critical Entertainment while he writes new and exciting books. Christopher Reda is a talented writer who has published several comic books (Zombie Zero, Planetary Expansion, Space Dragon, The First Americans, and The Cowboy with Many Hats) and exhibits at Comic Con International, WonderCon, Los Angeles Comic Con, and Long Beach Comic Con. He boasts a passion for creative writing including skills in comic book editing and graphic design.

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Mason Mendoza

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Mason Mendoza is a Los Angeles native who is passionate about travel, philosophy, and meaningful storytelling. He enjoys writing, editing, and publishing for Critical Entertainment from his humble Woodland Hills locale and can be found at the company’s booth at comic conventions.


His background in product management and business technology assists him in the operations and promotion of Critical Entertainment. He continues to write diverse stories while his newest project is being illustrated.

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