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LOS ANGELES - November 25th, 2023 – The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, is pleased to announce our Early 2024 Lineup! We are debuting the new year with the original comic books Life is an Open Door, Planetary Expansion Issues 2 & 3, and The First Americans Issue 1! They will be featured in the #423 December & #424 January PREVIEWSworld Catalog.


We know some of you have been having trouble getting your hands on our books through your local comic book store. With our comics selling out and being back-ordered, the best way to ensure you won't miss out on our exciting titles is to pre-order through PREVIEWSworld Catalog or go into your local comic book store as soon as possible to let them know you are interested.

If you are still new to Critical Entertainment, the easiest way to start is by going to PREVIEWworld's Feature Article listed below or by browsing our website

Life is an Open Door will premiere February 14th.

Planetary Expansion Issue #2 will premiere February 28th.

The First Americans Issue #1 will premiere March 27th.

Planetary Expansion Issue #3 will premiere May 22nd.

The First Americans Issue 1

Chapter 1: The Bering Strait
Releasing March 27th
44 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008028: 00111
At the end of the Ice Age 14,000 years ago and on the verge of starvation, a Tribe of Paleo-Indians travel across from Siberia into North America to hunt an elusive pack of Mammoths; but when they fail to hunt down the beasts, the tribe members must adapt to their new surroundings before becoming extinct.

Life is an Open Door - One Shot
Releasing February 14th
36 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008080: 00111
Diamond Code: DEC231387
Have you ever worked in a cramped office, looked at the exit door, and felt that urge to get up from your desk and make a break for it? Al, the working class Dalmatian, channels his animal impulses in this fun comic book short story about giving into instinct and going remote.

Planetary Expansion - Issue 2
Chapter 2: Special Guests Part 1
Releasing February 28th
32 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008011: 00211
Diamond Code: DEC231388

Planetary Expansion - Issue 3

Chapter 2: Special Guests Part 2

Releasing May 22nd

36 Pages

Full Color


UPC #855794008011: 00311

Diamond Code: MAR241513
Abandoning their lives on earth, 1,000 hand selected passengers aboard a Starship head to repopulate a new habitable planet. In another Solar System exists a planet just like Earth with fresh air, clean water, and sustainable life. They will brave the dangers of space and push past the limit to get there.


Fans can also follow the latest Critical Entertainment updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Reda and Mendoza founded Critical Entertainment LLC in Los Angeles, California, 2017, and can be found every year at San Diego’s Comic Con International, Anaheim’s WonderCon, and Los Angeles Comic Con.

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