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Critical Entertainment LLC

Emerald City Comic Con and WonderCon 2019

Zombie Zero #7 and Planetary Expansion #5-6

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 25, 2019 – A new year of Critical Entertainment has begun and we are excited to announce the new release of Zombie Zero #7 and Planetary Expansion issues #5 and #6 in March! The exciting conclusion of Zombie Zero and the continuation of Planetary Expansion will debut at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con March 14-17 (Corner Booth #2105 and Anaheim’s WonderCon March 29-31 (Booth #B-61).
After a long journey Zombie Zero will finally conclude with issue #7 and be the first complete series published by Critical Entertainment. The comic book series by writer Christopher Reda and artist Leandro Rizzo has been a major accomplishment and we are looking forward to getting it into the hands of the public. This will also be our first time exhibiting at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con where we will be available to talk to fans and show off all our comic book content. We are excited to interact and expose our stories to the North West community! We can also be found at Anaheim’s WonderCon at our usual booth in Artist Alley.

Zombie Zero is a black-and-white series about Alexander Livingston, the last “surviving” zombie, entering into a post-apocalyptic California and his quest to reclaim a past that died before him.

Planetary Expansion is a full-color ensemble series about the starship Zeus and its passengers, and their giant leap for mankind. The book tackles the crew’s quest to find inhabitable planets and reconcile their human nature with the unknown.

The First Americans is a full-color series about a Paleo-Indian and his wolf crossing the Bering Strait in pursuit of a mammoth herd. Our hero’s instincts are put to the test as he and his tribe give everything to survive.

Space Dragon is a full-color graphic novel about a gigantic space-creature who jumps from planet to planet, absorbing oceans, in order to quench his thirst. This abstract piece explores isolation, pushing through the unknown, and reconciling one’s past.

The Cowboy with Many Hats is a full-color Western short about a Sheriff who is framed for murder, and must learn that all things pass in order to reclaim hope for his future.

Critical Entertainment will be at Corner Booth #2105 at ECCC, March 14-17 and Booth #B-61 at WonderCon, March 29-31. Previews and full versions of our comics can be found at in digital and print. We can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Critical Entertainment is a Los Angeles based publishing company primarily operating in the comic book and graphic novel industry.

If you would like to join us on our adventure, please feel free to visit our website and follow us on social media, or come visit us in person at Emerald City Comic Con and WonderCon! Thank you!

Critical Entertainment Emerald City Comic Con Booth 2105
WonderCon 2019 - Critical Entertainment Zombie Zero
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