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LOS ANGELES - April 8, 2024 – ALL our first comics through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld are SOLD OUT! If you are experiencing back-orders or having trouble finding our comic books at your local comic book store, that is because Diamond is out of stock! We will be offering these titles again through Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld Catalog in the coming months for those of you who missed out on our successful debut! Retailers and Customers will be able to order these books again so please stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and retailers for supporting Critical Entertainment! We greatly appreciate giving us a chance to be a part of this great community of comic book readers! Also thank you to all the wonderful press who helped us promote our comics and for giving us a chance to display our work to their followers!

For the second half of 2024 we are debuting a brand new graphic novel Space Dragon, a new comic series Minion, and a new comic short The Quarrel along with new issues of The First Americans and Planetary Expansion. We hope to continue to bring thoughtful and creative original stories for our readers to enjoy. All these comics will be featured in Diamond's PREVIEWSworld Catalog #427 and beyond!

Zombie Zero

Complete Series TPB
Diamond Code: SEP231609

Planetary Expansion

Issue #1
Diamond Code: OCT231668

The Cowboy with Many Hats

Diamond Code: SEP231608



Diamond Code: SEP231607

Planetary Expansion Issue #2 and Life is an Open Door

will premiere in the coming weeks.

The First Americans Issue 2

Chapter 2: Wolf Pack
Releasing June 12th

Written by: Christopher Reda

Illustrated by: Tadd Galusha

Lettered by: Travis Lanham
56 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008028: 00211

Diamond Code: APR241402
At the end of the Ice Age 14,000 years ago and on the verge of starvation, a Tribe of Paleo-Indians travel across from Siberia into North America to hunt an elusive pack of Mammoths; but when they fail to hunt down the beasts, the tribe members must adapt to their new surroundings before becoming extinct.

Space Dragon

Releasing October 30th

Written by: Christopher Reda

Illustrated by: Alonso Molina Gonzales

Lettered by: Travis Lanham
115 Pages - 7.5" x 12" Extra Large Trade

Full Color


ISBN: 978-0-692-08903-3
After his habitat planet runs dry, a gigantic Dragon travels through space in search of a new water source with an Alien Bird passenger; but when he fails to find any drinkable water, the Dragon must learn to push on through the unknown to avoid dying of thirst.

Chapter 1 Part 1

Releasing Late 2024

Written by: Mason Mendoza & Christopher Reda

Illustrated by: Leandro Rizzo

Lettered by: Travis Lanham
26 Pages
Full Color


UPC #855794008059: 00111
In the not-too-distant future, the fate of New Manhattan hangs in a delicate balance between long-time, legendary superhero, Captain Cool, and a new underground crime syndicate threatening to take over the city. Forces of good and evil interwine in this futuristic society where scientific innovation has created super individuals, but even they are still subject to corrupt politicians and a culture where the wealth gap between rich and poor will leave an everyday citizen starving. New recruit Double Zero joins a team of minions who have been put to the demanding task of collecting parts of a doomsday device capable of defeating Captain Cool. Follow him and his misfit crew as they travel the world filled with futuristic cities and navigate the treacherous dirty work of being an underling for a supervillain in the shadows.

The Quarrel

Releasing August 28th
Written by: Mason Mendoza
Illustrated by: Alonso Molina Gonzales

14 Pages

Full Color

UPC #855794008127: 00111
A Red-Tailed Hawk hunts an Orchard Oriole through New York’s Central Park in this hand-painted watercolor short story.


Planetary Expansion - Issue 3

Chapter 3: Special Guests Part 2

Releasing May 22nd

Written by: Christopher Reda

Illustrated by: Alonso Molina Gonzales

Lettered by: Travis Lanham

36 Pages

Full Color


UPC #855794008011: 00311

Diamond Code: MAR241513
Abandoning their lives on earth, 1,000 hand selected passengers aboard a Starship head to repopulate a new habitable planet. In another Solar System exists a planet just like Earth with fresh air, clean water, and sustainable life. They will brave the dangers of space and push past the limit to get there.

Planetary Expansion - Issue 4

Chapter 4: Individuals

Releasing September 25th

44 Pages

Full Color


UPC #855794008011: 00411


Fans can also follow the latest Critical Entertainment updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Reda and Mendoza founded Critical Entertainment LLC in Los Angeles, California, 2017, and can be found every year at San Diego’s Comic Con International, Anaheim’s WonderCon, and Los Angeles Comic Con.

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